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5 things not to do when being pulled over at 2:30 am! — with some lightheartedness!

  1. Ask for your attorney to come to the scene of the stop!! —I’m not going to hold your hand at the stop bruh!

  2. Repeat “my attorney said”— first off this will only add fuel to fire! Second, I highly doubt your paraphrasing will even come close to what you think I said!😑

  3. When you’re asked “how many drinks have you had tonight” or “have you been drinking tonight” DO NOT SAY “I’ve only had one”—-first you most likely a dam lie!! 😂 Do not answer that question with any admission of drinking. A suggested response is “officer may I ask why you pulled me over” or “may I ask the nature of that question”.

  4. If you’ve been asked out of the car — don’t slip getting out; I’ll laugh when we watch the video! 😎there is a high probability that this officer has made a decision to continue his investigation: odor of alcohol, red watery eyes, and the factors surrounding the reason he pulled you over has led him to establish at least reasonable suspicion, if not probable cause to conduct a DWI investigation. So DO NOT give this officer more evidence to establish his PC to arrest you and to bury you in Court. Politely decline any breath test he asks you to take roadside, any field sobriety test or any other tasks that are asked of you including answering more questions. You reek so keep it inside.

  5. DO NOT BE UNCOOPERATIVE or DISRESPECTFUL! Mind your manners. These officers are people too. They patrol to keep the community safe and although they are known to make mistakes from time to time they deserve the respect that we wish to be bestowed to us. Ultimately, you don’t want to be the person in Court asking to write an apology letter to the officer.

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