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Writ Bonds Lawyer in Collin County

Updated: Jul 28

What is a Writ Bond?

A “Writ Bond” is a process in which a Texas licensed qualified attorney can have an inmate released from jail within hours instead of having to possibly wait days to see a magistrate or Judge.

Who Qualifies?

-An Arrestee who hasn’t seen the judge yet Or missed the Judge for the day.

-Misdemeanor Charges.

-Cases like: DWI, DWI 2nd, Theft, and Possession of Marijuana or Possession of controlled substance.

What is the process?

Call us 24/7 @ 972-689-3038. Yes, even on Weekends. The attorney will give a quick consult over the phone, if you choose to retain our services we will meet you at the jail to fill out the paper work and get your loved one processed for released.

ICE holds!

It is imperative that if the detainee is in the Country on a temporary visa, an overstay or undocumented you call us immediately to discuss posting an immediate writ bond and the consequences this may entail.

Es imperativo que si el detenido se encuentra en el pais con una visa temporal, unetadia excedida o indocumentado, nos llame de inmediato para discutir el envoi de una fianza inmediata y las consecuencias que esto puede conllevar.




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